P3 exhibitions

Joanna Burezja - When dark rain ends

Joanna Burezja - When dark rain ends

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    Joanna Burezja - When dark rain ends

  • 2

    Rob Wyllie - Beauty in a Dark Place

  • 3

    Nicola Morley - Coercion

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    Krystian Data - Within and Without

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    Mike Cookson - 51°29'51" N 0°4'47" E

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    Jean Johnson Jones - Qualia

  • 7

    Jan Cylwik  -  Lost Futures

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    Andy Wright - 004

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    Emanuele Gaudioso

  • 10

    Rachel Gover

  • 11

    Stephen Burke

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    Tamuna Chkareli

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    Yves Salmon

MA Photography degree show

23 August - 5 September 2017

MA Photography students present two concurrent exhibitions and a symposium bringing together the result of a year-long exploration of art, documentary and photojournalism.

Work by the 2017 MA Photography Arts and MA Documentary Photography and Photojournalism students will be on display in Ambika P3, the University of Westminster’s unique exhibition space, from 23 August - 5 September 2017.  

For the whole two weeks two exhibitions will be on display: Light into Matter, an exhibition from students on the Photography Arts MA will present richly eclectic and strikingly visual practices pointing to possible futures and histories of photography. Their practices emerged from extended research into: lost utopias; emotional abuse; London’s edgelands; living with radioactivity; subjective studies of Hastings; and modelling dancers’ movements.

Exhibiting artists: Jan Cylwik, Nicola Morley, Mike Cookson, Joanna Burejza, Krystian Data, Rob Wyllie and Jean Johnson-Jones.

Out of Dust, an exhibition of work from the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism MA students presents projects which advance ideas of documentary photography, interpreting society using exciting and developing methods in photography and consider what it means to engage with the world in the 21st Century.

Exhibiting artists: Stephen Burke, Tamuna Chkareuli, Emanuele Gaudioso, Rachel Gover, Yves Salmon and Andy Wright. 

On 2 September 2017 a symposium titled On the Cusp will debate Richard Mosse’s recent exhibition, Incoming. Sitting on the cusp of art and documentary, Mosse’s work raises pressing questions about the roles of representation, aesthetic values and representation.  The speakers Lewis Bush, Joy Gregory, David Moore, Lucy Soutter and Duncan Woolridge were chosen for their distinct perspectives on the work.  

The symposium will take place on 2nd September 4-6 pm, with further information and tickets available on Eventbrite: http://bit.ly/2txFMSC 

Further details about hte programme are availalbe here: 







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